Immunity Boosters | 10 Best natural ways to boost immunity

The body’s immune system provides defense against diseases and infections and is usually a complex network of cells, tissues and organs working together and provides a crucial role in keeping us healthy and protecting against diseases. However, when our immune system gets compromised we get ill. Variety of factors can cause weakening of our immune system such as sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and stress etc. There are a lot of ways which I will discuss further in this article that can prevent our immune system from being weakened and helps to boost immunity.

10 ways to Boost immunity:

Here are the natural ways to Boost immunity of our body :

1) Eat a healthy and balanced diet:

In order to get a healthy immune system, food always play a significant role. A balanced diet is usually a very good way. Balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables and lean proteins and helps our immune system to function properly and strengthens it. Vitamin C,D, zinc and selenium are the important minerals and vitamins needed for our immune system to function properly.
Vitamin C rich foods are citrus fruits, kiwis, berries and broccoli. Foods such as egg yolk, dairy products and fatty fish contains high amount of Vitamin D in them. Zinc is high in beef, chicken and nuts meanwhile selenium rich foods are Brazil nuts, sea food and poultry.

2)Exercise Regularly:

Exercising regularly can improve circulation and inflammation which can boost our immune system. Stress can also weaken our immune system and exercise helps in releaving from stress.30 minutes of daily exercising is best for our health. Brisk walking, cycling, swimming or yoga are the exercises which can be adopt usually


3) Get enough sleep:

Sleep plays a very important role in  maintaining a strong immune system and is very crucial for normal health aswell. Cytokines are the natural chemicals of the body which helps in fighting different infections and helps against inflammation. These cytokines are released during sleep only and thus if the sleep is disrupted, the immune system gets weakened.
Daily sleep of 7-8 hours is usually required for normal adults. Regular sleeping schedule and avoiding the use of electronic media can help in improving the sleep schedule.

4) Manage stress:

Stress is directly involved in promoting the level of cortisol hormone in the body which is responsible for suppressing the immune system of the body. Stress can also lead to inflammation which results in weakening of immune system.

Relaxing techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or yoga can be adopted to tackle stress. Also, doing something you like that can provide soothing effect to the brain can be effective in managing stress. It can be anything like reading a book or listening to music.


5) Stay hydrated:

Drinking a lot of water is essential for staying healthy and can also helps in developing the immune system to be strong. The functions of water in the body is removing of wastes from the body as well as the transport of nutrients and it can also helps in reducing the risk of infections by moistening the mucus membrane .
Daily intake of water for a normal adult is atleast 8 cups which is needed to meet the minimum requirement of the body. To keep the body hydrated, beverages such as  fresh juice, herbal tea and coconut water can be helpful.

6) Limit alcohol and tobacco use:

Alcohol is very dangerous for the immune system of the body. It usually weakens the immune system which can result in increase in the risk of developing infections. Alcohol weakens the immune system by causing dehydration and disruption of sleep both of which are capable of impairing the functions of the immune system.
Limit the intake of alcohol to help the body’s protection by immune system. Normal limit for a normal female for alcohol intake is one drink while for men is two drinks.

7) Wash your hands frequently:

Washing hands regularly is a very effective in preventing alot of infections. Avoid contacting the eyes, nose, mouth and ears as this helps in mitigating the infections.


8) Include probiotics in diet:

Gut health has a very close relation with the immune system of the body .Probiotics are the live bacteria in the body which helps in the gut health. Foods such as yougart, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha are the good sources of probiotics. Immune system can be boosted by adding these foods in your daily life routine.

9) Supplements:

The nutrients needed for healthy immune system are usually provided by the balanced diet intake regularly meanwhile supplements can also be beneficial.

In order to start supplements, contact with the health care official is first needed to assess the safety of such supplements.


10) Gets vaccinated:

The best way of prevention against infections is usually vaccines. Our immune system works by producing antibodies to fight against the bacteria and viruses. The vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to produce such antibodies. Vaccines are usually more effective in children as their immunity is in developing stage at that time.


To conclude, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, managing stress and staying hydrated are the natural ways to boost immunity. By adopting these habits in your regular life, a lot of infections can be prevented .But it is important to remember that it is necessary to contact the health care advisor to make any change in lifestyle or diet.
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  1. I agree with all of these as well. I think these are very important for helping with your immune system.

  2. I struggle with getting enough sleep and managing my stress. I have experienced getting sick from this!

  3. Eating a healthy balanced diet is key. Getting enough sleep is definitely important too

  4. I love the idea to have natural remedies to prevent illness and to stay healthy! I should start it immediately!

  5. eating healthy, drinking enough water, and including probiotics in diet are things i work on consciously.. great tips here

  6. I really need to practice my body clock cause I’m having a hard time sleeping. This is a really great post thanks for sharing this with us

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