5 Best mental health apps infographic

Best mental health apps

Best Mental health apps:

  1. Alysa:  Another AI-driven mental health app with this goal is Wysa, which promises to offer individuals in need of assistance quick assistance. It provides emotional help by highlighting optimism, tracking mood, and reframing thinking (CBT) in an approachable manner.
  2. Calm: One of the most well-liked apps for mental health, particularly for people with anxiety and depression, is called Calm. To assist users in overcoming their mental health challenges, this app offers a variety of useful tools, including sleep stories, meditation, and more.
  3. MindDoc: A variety of features are available in MindDoc to support different facets of mental health. It focuses on comprehending psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and insomnia. MindDoc establishes itself as a crucial tool for people looking to prioritise their mental health by offering extensive support and advice.
  4. Moodmission: MoodMission promotes personal development and empowerment by offering custom missions depending on the feelings and experiences that the user reports.
  5. Happify: Users of Happify have access to fun games and activities that have been proven to significantly lower stress levels and negative thoughts. The app makes sure each user receives individualised support catered to their specific needs by using personalised analytics based on their mental health wellness records. Happify encourages optimism and mental health, ultimately improving a person’s overall quality of life.

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