5 Tips to stay healthy and fit

One of the dire need of the body is to stay fit and stay healthy as it can be good for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of a person. It is evident even from our personal experience that when we take care of our health, we feel happier and more confident in ourselves and feel mor energetic. If we want to reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases like heart attack, cancer etc then it is extremely necessary to stay healthy.

But in this fast-growing stressful world, it is extremely difficult to manage time for yourself and stay healthy. So, here are some easy-to-follow tips that will also be very effective for you to stay healthy.

Stay healthy

Tips to Stay Healthy:

These tips are:

  • Eat healthy.
  • Stay active.
  • Manage stress.
  • Sleep well.
  • Socialize and connect with others.

Eat healthy to stay healthy:

Food is like a fuel for our body as it gives power to the body for work. So, to maintain good health it is extremely important that we stay away from junk food and eat health. Eating healthy usually means you have to take balance diet for your body that has equal amount of carbs and proteins as well as other nutrients that are usually necessary for the normal working of the body.
Some tips to eat healthy are:

  1. Eat more vegetables and fruits can protect our body from different diseases because they contain vitamins and minerals that our body needs.
  2. Eat more whole grains as they can help to provide carbs, proteins and vitamins to the body that will give energy. Bread pasta, rice, oats etc.
  3. Eat more lean proteins as proteins are very important constituent that can build muscles in the body. Lean meat, eggs, fish, nuts, beans etc.
  4. Eat low number of processed foods because these are high in fats and sugar which is harmful for the body.
  5. Eat less salt because it can damage the kidney and also leads to high blood pressure.
  6. Eat regularly and slowly because it can prevent you from overeating and also helps in maintain sugar level and metabolism of the body. Try to chew more on the bite you take and take some time to have a new bite.

Stay active and fit:

Stay active

Staying fit is another key factor which helps to stay healthy. But it is not at easy as it seems because of the busy schedule of the people these days. Physical activity can help your body to gain muscle strength, burn fats and helps to reduce the risks of CVS diseases.

Here are some of the tips i personally use to stay active and fit:

  1. Find the activity you enjoy. Walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga etc it can be anything according to your preference.
  2. Set a goal. Setting up a goal can help you to get motivated to achieve your target.
  3. Make a plan. If you have a plan, it will ultimately help you to stay accountable and organized.
  4. Be consistent as consistency is the key to achieve what you work for and stay dedicated to it

Manage stress and relax:

In order to stay healthy in the life, it is important to manage stress. Managing stress is a very difficult task as it has become an inevitable part of our lives. It is the leading cause of variety of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety etc.

Here are some effective and easy to apply tips for managing of stress and relaxing.

  1. Identify the source of stress as it is the main reason you are in stress. It could be anything from your work life, social life, emotional life etc. It can help in understanding of the triggers and how it affects your body.
  2. Accept what you can’t, it could be anything like asking for help for anything, not having expectations. It will help you in reducing stress.
  3. Express your feelings by talking with anyone, crying etc. It will reduce stress from your life and help you to stay happy.
  4. Do something relaxing i-e yoga, meditation, praying etc

Sleep well:

Another component to stay healthy is to sleep well. Sleeping is very essential for your body as it helps the body get ready for the next day by restarting it when you sleep. It also has a positive effect on the hormones, mood and memory of a person. But keep that in mind that it does not mean that you should sleep throughout the day, but it means quality sleep over quantity sleep. According to sleep statistics,adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep, but many people don’t get enough sleep. This can have negative effects on the health of a person.

Here are some tips that can help you to sleep better and recharge your body: Sleep

  1. Make a regular sleep schedule for yourself and stick to it. It will help you to improve the quality of your sleep by maintain the circadian rhythm.
  2. Create a proper sleep environment by making your room dark, quiet, clean. It will help you to feel cozier and relaxed.
  3. Avoid screen time before going to sleep because the blue light from phone and other screens reduces the secretion of melatonin which is a chemical that helps in sleep.
  4. Avoid stimulators such as coffee, tea before sleep as they can have interference in the sleep cycle.
  5. Get some natural light during the day. It will help the body to sync with day and night cycle and thus improves your sleep quality.

If you can’t sleep even after trying these steps or if you suspect that you have a sleeping disorder  such as insomnia or sleep apnea it is essential to consult with your physician for proper treatment.

Connect with others and socialise:

Connecting with others is also one of the vital ways to stay healthy. Socializing can help you to feel less lonely and more supported than staying introvert. It can improve mental level and emotional health of a person which can in turn help you to stay healthy. If you want to stay healthy you have to balance your personal and social needs both.

Here are some tips that can help you to connect with others.

  1. Stay connected with your family and friends by calling, texting or even by meeting them personally.
  2. Join a community or a group which will help you feel motivated and provide you inspiration.
  3. Be open and friendly. It can increase your curiosity, diversity and learning. Be friendly to other people you meet by smiling and talking nicely with them.

I hope these tips can help you to stay healthy and have a happy life.

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