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What is Artificial Intelligence?

How to improve Health?

AI or Artificial intelligence usually refers to the capacity of the machine to carry out operations which normally requires human intelligence. These tasks includes : language comprehension,image recognition,decision making and data driven learning. AI has been advancing very fast in the recent years because of availablity of abundant data,strong computing abilities and its creatuve algorithm.

Healthcare is one of the fields in which AI had a significant impact.AI tools in health care helps in betterment of various health issues,and their diagnosis,prevention and treatment aswell.Ai bots in healthcare industry also provide interactive support to the doctors,nurses,patients, and even the stakeholders aswell.

Chat gpt and AI in health care:

Chat gpt , also known as chat generative pre trained transformer is one of the most important AI tool which has brought in revolution in healthcare.Chat gpt whose latest version is chat gpt 4,is an exampe of generative AI which can create texts sentences even in natural language depending on the input or context . Chat gpt or gpt 4 is an Artificial intelligence tool which can learn from large amounts of data and provide responses which are both intelligible and pertinent.

Open AI chat gpt or gpt 4 is an AI website which has many applications in medical fields, such as :

  • Educating the public and patients with health information
  • Providing emotional support and counselling to patients and care giver.
  • Addressing the most common queries and questions about health .
  • Patients are triaged and screened according to their symptoms and risk factors.
  • Monitoring the health status of the patients and providing a feedback aswell.
  • Collecting the feedback data
  • Making reports and summaries from the medical records or literature.

Chat gpt and gpt-4 can bring revolution in the health care by:

  • Improving the quality of care for patients
  • Lowering the expenses and inefficiencies in the healthcare system
  • Increasing the patient involvement and satisfaction.
  • Advancement in knowledge and innovation related to health

Powerful AI tools like chat gpt, gpt-4 or other AI chat bots or websites  has the ability to bring transformation in the health care system however, to make sure its benifits outweighs the risks ,they have to be developed,tested,deployedand tested with care.are not intended to replace the doctors or nurses rather to aid them in their work and provide the in depth knowledge regarding health to the patients. It is impotant to note that they are not the replacement for human health care workers.

AI tools other than chat gpt:

There are several artificial intelligence tools being used in health care system. One of the tool that is being used is IBM Watson Health.It uses the machine learning algorithm to provide treatment options by analysing the medical related data . Another tool being used is Google DeepMind Health, which is currently being used in diseases like kidney injury or sepsis and provide the predictive models for such conditions.

Aiva is another tool which is currently in use in the medical sector .It helps to connect the health care provider with the patient by using voice technology. Zebra Medical Vision is a tool which helps to analyse the medical images using machine algorithms, in this wat helps to identify the potential health problem in the patient.

Chatbots used in health care system:

In order to give patient 24/7, on demand access to information and support,chatbots have become more and more common in the health care industry.These chat AI bots have conversation with the patients, answer there queries and offer there advice on the matter using normal language.

The advantages of using AI chatbot in the industry are:

Increased accessibility: Without having to worry about the time or location these chatbots provide information and support to the patients

Improved patient engagement: Chatbots can interact with the patients in a more interactive and personalised way which increases the outcomes of the health.

Enhanced efficiency: Chat bots can assist the health care practitioners in strealining the process, cutting the expenses and increasing the happiness of the patients.

Better data collection: Chat bots may gather and analyse the patients data and then provide the healthcare professional insightful knowledge regarding the patient’s behaviour and preference

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In order to make sure that the chatbots are working properly, they should be carefully created and implemented so that they can provide precise,dependable and helpful information.



In conclusion,AI has the ability to vompletely transform the healthcare sector by improving its effectiveness,efficiency and personallization.AI can also assist health care practitioners by accurately analysing the extensive available data and identifying the problem which might not be visible to human doctors.Artificial intelligence is also been used to create individualised treatment programmes, spot patients who are at risk of developing different diseases.Due to the ongoing research in the development of new and advanced tools and algorithms ,Health sector will be affected enormously from them.



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