Environmental Health Crisis | How environment affects health ?

          Environmental Health:

Environmental health is the study of how environment factors positively or negatively affects our health . It entails identifying,evaluating and managing environmental elements that can become the cause,or can exacerbate other diseases or affects the overall health. Toxicology,epidemiology,social science and public health are some of the fields that comes under the broad and complex field of Environmental health.

Importance of Environmental health:

To keep the healthy and sustainable world,health of the environment is very crucial. Our enviroment provides us essentials to live life such as the air we breathe, thefood we eat, and the resources for construction of our houses and companies are all the gifts from the environment. Environmental pollution or contamination can have serious negative impacts on both animals and humans . Healthy environment is also very crucial for preventing and management of different diseases such as cancer,respiratory problems and neurological problems.

Protection of ecosystems and natural resources also depend upon environment. Pollution and environmental degradation can also have significant impacts on biodiversity,ecosystems functioning and overall functioning of our body. We can aid in the preservation of our natural resources and ensure that future generations can benifit from them by supporting environmental health.

Environmental hazards:

Hazards to the environment are of variety of types and can be very harmful for our health.Most typical among them are:
  1. Environmental regulations: Air pollution especially in urban areas is one of the most dangerous hazards.It can result in respiratory diseases,CVS diseases and even death in some cases.
  2. Water pollution: Water pollution can be resulted from both man made aswell as natural factors.Water contamination from chemicals,germs and viruses can make it unsafe for drinking and swimming and it can also lead to diseases such as rashes,infections and diarrohea
  3. Hazard waste management: It is crucial to important to properly dispose off the waste material is essential in order for the safeguard of the environment and public’s health.
  4. Environmental monitoring: In order to identify and reduce the enironmental risks it is extremely important to look out for pollutants and other substances that can potentially harm the environment.
  5. Education and awareness: Education and awareness programmes can assist in educating the public about environmental hazards and how to manage and prevent them.
  6. Sustainable practices: Sustainable practices can help in lessening the environmental risks and safeguard public health.Examples includes conserving energy,water and reducing waste.
  7. Interventions in public health: Public health interventions such as vaccination programmes,disease surveillance and vector control can help to lessen the spread of infectious diseases and other health issues linked with environment
  8. Research: To create successful preventive and management plans research and learning has to be continued about learning environmental dangers and how they effect both environment and the human health.

Factors affecting environmental health:

The factors affecting the environmental health includes:

  • Chemical safety: There are alot of chemicals that effects the environmental health and all of these have different ways of effecting environmental health . These effects of these chemical depending upon their toxicity,exposure and mechanism of action.
  • Air pollution: Air pollution is the leading cause of the respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergy and even cause death in sever cases. The factors which exacerbates air pollution includes vehicles, factories, and domestic coocking aswell.
  • Climate change and natural disasters: climate change has become one of the alarming situation all around the world. It can alter weather patterns, temperature, sea levels and create extreme weather events like tsunami and floods etc. These changes can also effect the health of the humans .
  • Microbial diseases: Microbes are the smal microscopic organisms that can be transferred from one place to another food,water , air and cause diseases in humans. The diseases caused by microbes includes malaria,T.B,Aids.
  • Environmental issues affecting globally: These are the problems that affects the people all around the world. Some of the examples are :Ozone depletion, deforestation, plastic pollution etc.

Environmental health and equity:

It’s always an intertwining between environmental health and equity. Air pollution and contaminating water are the environmental factors that have negative impacts on the low income communities. It is also because these communities have difficulty in management of the negative effects on health as they have less healthcare services and tools to assist them in managing these negative effects. It is important to acknowledge and address the underlying social and economic issues immediately. In this way environmental health and equity can be promoted effectively.

Environmental health and  sustainable development:

Achieving sustainable goals,which aims to strike balance between economic growth,environmental conservation and social fairness, healthy environment is a very crucial factor . It is necessary to work for balanced and equal future for sustainable development and it is also necessary to recognise the linkage between economy,society and environment for this.


In order to maintain both the environment and public health,it is a very crucial field. Addressing hazardss to the environment involves a multidisciplinary approach that involves government organization,public,public health,scientists and other officials. We can contribute to the development of the world that is healthier and more sustainable for all by supporting environmental sustainablity and health. Additionally,achieving equity and sustainable deelopment also requires understanding and resolving underlying social and economic causes that continues to disparities in environmental health.

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