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Are you also among the people looking to loose weight,get healthier and also enjoy food? If yes, then you might have heard the name keto diet, which is one of the most famous diet among all to loose weight.It is one of the most effective diets these days. In this article, I will discuss everything related to keto diet including its advantages,dis-advantages,foods to eat and avoid and how to start this diet.

What is keto diet?

Keto diet

A diet that focuses on eating small amount of carbohydrates and large amount of fats is known as keto or ketogenic diet. This diet’s main goal is to help people in losing weight. This weight loss is done by inducing ketosis in the body.


It is a state in which body switches its main source of energy from carbohydrates (glucose) to fats.Usually glucose is the product which is mostly utilised by the body for energy purposes, so when we take carbohydrates in diet , our body uses it as a fuel by converting it to glucose.But if we consume less carbohydrate, glucose in our body will become short and body will look for other ways to fulfill its energy requirements. The body then converts fats into the ketones which are then utilized by our brain and muscles for energy. In this way ketogenic diet can help us lose weight.

Benifits of keto diet:

The ketogenic diet provides a variety of benifts for a wide range of people. Some of the most prominent are:

Weight loss:  The low carb diet can help our body in losing weight by reducing the insulin levels in our body, increasing the metabloism in the body and reducing the apetite.According to the researches done, keto diet is one of the best and most effectve diets to lose wright and body fats as comnpared to the other diets that are out there.

Diabetes: Low carbohydrate foods can also help the patients suffering from diabtes type 2, by reducing the risk of complications, managing the blood sugar levels and reducing the need for using meds. The diabetic patients who follow the keto diet have shown to decrease the haemoglobin A1c levels and and also shows increased sesitivity of insulin.

Epilepsy: Ketogenic diet was initially created for the treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disease which is characterized by seizures in the body . People suffering from epilepsy on which medication treatment doesnt work effectively keto diet can help in lowering the symptoms of the disease if they follow it properly

Brain health: Ketones are a more effective source of energy than glucose, thus the ketogenic diet can help brain by providing ketones. The keto diet can also help the people suffering from different diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or parkinson’s disease by improving the cognitive functions, memory and mental health aswell.

Heart health: It can also help to reduce the Blood pressure,cholesterol,triglycerides and inflammation which in turns helps to improve the heart health of the person. Low carb foods can also helps to reduce the risk of stroke.

Side effects of keto diet:

The ketogenic diet is does not have any side effects in most of the people . But it can also have some side effects or complications in some of the people . Some of the risks or hazards of keto-genic diet are:

Keto flu: Keto flu usually refers to the symptoms that usually predominates while starting the keto diet. Headache,exhaustion, nausea, constipation, sleeplessness and muscle cramps are few of the examples.

In order to treat and prevent the keto flu symptoms , drink a lot of water , increasing the intake of salts and electrolytes and reducing the carbs intake.

Nutrient deficiencies: The keto-genic diet restricts alot of foods that are high in fibres,vitamins,minerals and other foods. So if you dont follow the diet plan properly then it would result in nutrient deficiency. The deficincy of nutrients can be the reason for alot of health problems such as anemia,osteoporosis etc

Digestive issues: It can also lead to digestive problems including constipation,diarrohea and bloating beacuse this diet influences the microbial flora present in our gut and modifies the bowel movement in our body . Consumption of fruits low in carbs, drinking lots of water and use of probiotics can help in lowering the chances of digestive problems.

Kidney stones: The ketogenic diet may increase the excreion of calcium and uric acid towards urine formations thus increasing the chances of crystal formation and kidney stones.However,the kidney stones can be prevented by eating excessive green leaves and citrus and also by increasing the daily intake of water.

Keto foods:

Keto foods

Food to take:

There are some of the examples of Keto diet foods which we can eat during keto diet.The keto food list includes:

  • Meat: Beaf,chicken,turkey,lamb
  • Seafood: Salmon,tuna,shrimp,lobster
  • Eggs: whole eggs or white eggs
  • Cheese: Cheddar,mozarella,pamesan
  • Nuts and seeds: Almonds,wal-nut,pumpkin seeds,pecans.
  • Low-carb vegetables: Brocoli,cauli flower,spinach, cabbage.
  • Low-carb fruits: Berries,lemon,lime

Keto substitutes that you can include for diet plan keto includes almond flour for baking, zucchini noodles for pasta and cauliflower rice for rice are some of the substitutes one can include in the diet plan keto .

Foods to avoid:

The food to avoid during the diet includes:

  • Grains:  Wheat,rice,corn,oats and barley
  • Sugar: sugarcane,maple syrup,honey and corn syrup
  • Fruits: All fruits except berries
  • Legumes: Lentils,beans and chickpeas
  • Processed foods: Chips,crackers and carbohydrates rich snacks

7 days Diet plan keto:

Keto diet

This ketosis diet plan weight loss is very effective in losing weight. Keto diet plan for 7 days to reduce weight is as follows:


Breakfast: Scrambled egg with cheese

Lunch: Chicken,eggs,avocado and blue cheese dressing

Dinner: Grilled salamon,roasted asparagus and lemon butter sauce

Snack: Keto chocolatechip cookies


Breakfast: Keto pancakes with whipped cream

Lunch: Turkey and cheese rolls with lettuce and mayo

Dinner: Keto pizza with almond crust,pepparoni

Snack: Keto cheesecake bites carbs


Breakfast: Greek yogurt with berries and nuts

Lunch: Chicken cesar salad with pamesan

Dinner: Beef and brocoli stir caulliflower rice snack

Snack: keto brownies


Breakfast: Spinach and egg muffins with cheese

Lunch: Tuna salad with onion and mayo

Dinner: Creamy chicken and mshroom soup

Snack: Keto granola bars


Breakfast: Keto oatmeal with coconut milk and cinnamon

Lunch: BLT lettuce wraps with avocado

Dinner: Zucchini noodels with meatballs

Snack: Keto icecream


Breakfast: Cheese omlette with mushrooms and pepper

Lunch: Chicken and avocado salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing

Dinner: chicken chops with mushroom sauce

Snack: keto peanut butter cups


Breakfast: Keto smoothie with almond milk, spinach and protein powder

Lunch:  Egg and salad with keto bread

Dinner: Roasted chicken with garlic butter and roasted brussels

Snack: Keto chocolate cake

By following these tips strictly for 7 days, you will see results 100%.


1.Is keto diet safe for everyone?

Ans- Although, most of the people dont have any complications regarding keto diet, but it should not be recommended for people having underlying medical confitions such as pancreatitis,liver disease or gall-bladder disease.

2.How much weight can be lost through keto diet?

Ans- Almost 1-2 pounds per week loss is achievable easily through it.

3.Is keto diet good for weight loss?

Ans- Weight loss is one of the major advantage of ketogenic diet.

4-How long should we follow the keto diet?

Ans- Ketogenic diet duration usually depends on the goals and health status of the patient.Most of the people follow it for a long period of time while some also use this a short term plan

5-What are the common side effects of keto diet?

Ans- Some of the common side effects includes bad breath,fruity urine smell. So if u have any symptoms like these dont panic , these symptoms are normal during keto diet.


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