10 common ailments and their natural remedies

Common ailments:

In order to treat variety of common ailments and conditions natural remedies have been used for centuries. As we know, traditional medicines pose a lot of side effects while these natural remedies don’t have such side effects and can be used to treat different common ailments safely. I will discuss different effective natural remedies to treat some of the common ailments that occur in everyday life.

1) Headache:


Different factors including stress, tension and dehydration are the major causes for headache these days. In order to get relief from headache , try following home treatment

  • Applying Hot or Cold compress to your forehead.
  • Massaging your scalp and temples.
  • Put some peppermint essential oil to your neck and temples.
  • Also take Magnessium dietary supplement .

2) Insomnia:

Stress, many drugs and worry can be a major causes of insomnia which is a very common illness these days. Try these natural remedies in order to improve your sleep:
  • Maintain a regular sleeping schedule.
  • Create a peaceful bedtime routine.
  • Alcohol and caffeine should be strictly prohibited before bedtime.
  • Bedroom should be kept cold,dark and quiet.
  • Add melatonin supplement to your diet.

3) Anxiety:

Anxiety is one of the most common ailments often characterised by excessive worry and fear. In order to manage anxiety here are some natural remedies to follow:

  • Work on deep breathing
  • Practice mindfulness meditation
  • Bath with Epsom salt
  • Have some chamomile tea
  • Lavender essential oil helps in promoting relaxation

4) Digestive tissues:

Digestive problems like bloating, constipation and diarrhea are usually caused by factors like diet, stress and medication. Try some of these natural remedies to improve digestive health
  • Consume a diet rich in fiber.
    ginger for digestive problem
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • To promote beneficial gut flora consume probiotics.
  • Try ginger pills or ginger tea to relive from nausea.
  • Having peppermint tea helps in relieving intestinal discomfort.

5) Flu and cold:

Viruses that can produce symptoms like coughing, sneezing and fever are the causes of flu and cold. Try these natural remedies to alleviate these symptoms:
  • Consume plenty of fluids like tea, broth and water.
  • Get lots of rest
  • To boost the immune system, elderberries can help
  • Eucalyptus Oil can be used to alleviate congestion.
  • To sooth a sore throat, use honey

6) Joint pain:

Variety of factors including arthritis, injury and overuse can lead to joint pain. Try the following natural treatments for relieving joint pain:
  • Turmeric to treat inflammation

    A warm or cold compress should be applied to the infected area.

  • Turmeric supplement should be taken to reduce inflammation.
  • Try low impact exercises like yoga or swimming.
  • Use pain relieving essential oils like peppermint, lavender or ginger.
  • To reduce inflammation, consume a diet rich in berries, leafy green and fatty fish.

7) Skin problems:

Several factors including heredity, nutrition and stress can lead to a variety of skin diseases like eczema, acne and psoriasis. Try these following methods to naturally enhance your skin:
  • Alovera gel can be used to soothe the skin.
  • Add zinc supplement to your diet to lessen the inflammation.
  • To treat acne , use tea tree oil.
  • Use coconut oil on dry skin to hydrate it.

8) Allergy:

Allergy is a common condition characterized by symptoms like itchy nose, redness of skin and inflammation. Try out these natural remedies which can help you overcome this problem:
  • Use saline nasal spray to clear nasal passage in case its blocked.
  • Consume healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables which can help reduce the inflammation.
  • To reduce inflammation, quercetin supplements are preferred.
  • Try to avoid allergens which cause allergy i-e pollen, dander.

9) Menstrual cramps:

Menstrual cramps are common ailment in every women and are caused by changes in hormonal levels and can cause severe to moderate pain. These natural remedies can help you control the menstrual cramps:
  • To the lower abdomen, apply a heating pad or hot water bottle.
  • Magnessium supplement can reduce cramp pain.
  • Chamomile tea can also help in soothing the muscles.
  • Regular exercising to reduce cramp by enhancing circulation.

10) High Blood Pressure:

The risk of stroke and heart attacks are usually increased because of high blood pressure and usually most of the people are facing this problem recently. To lower the B.P try the following natural remedies:
  • Exercise regularly

    Prefer healthy diet including fruits, vegetables.

  • Reduce stress by exercising regularly.
  • Lower sodium intake.
  • Garlic supplements can help improving circulation. Increase garlic intake.


It is often usually safer and more effective to treat different common ailments without having to use medicines by using natural remedies. Unlike traditional medicines, it is usually safer to take such natural remedies to help in treating ailments ranging from headache to high blood pressure. If you have a pre existing medical conditions, consult with a physician to start a new remedy.
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